Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A bit about 'Done With Love'

A lot of people ask me what I like to write about and if I ever run out of ideas, and my usual answer is that, despite the fact that people are bound to assume otherwise, I rarely write about myself! Most of the time I try to detach myself from it, which allows me to write about anything and everything. That said, it's clear to see that, even sometimes subconsciously, I seem to write a lot of soppy stuff, which I guess I'll have to put down to me being a bit of a softy!

If anybody is interested, here's a bit about my latest track, "Done With Love": (https://soundcloud.com/melaniereid/done-with-love)

It's about a situation where someone is feeling a bit used and confused after having their heart broken for the first time: "I was blind to the signs, 'cause I've never been hurt before". It's about bitterness: "Though you say you did, I don't think you ever cared", but also vulnerability and a hint of a longing for things to still get resolved, despite this person feeling betrayed: "Maybe if I learned to keep some distance, I won't fall for you".

I tend to write a lot of ballads which I think is mostly down to the fact that they are easier to write with a piano, however I am trying to steer away from that a bit. I think this track had a danger of falling into that, which is partly why I enlisted the help of an engineer to help me spruce it up a bit! 

Musicy stuff...

Even from the beginning, when I started writing the song, I could hear the staccato strings in the opening as I thought they added a sense of drama, and there was room for some harmonies which would allow me to build the tension if I wanted. Plus it always sounds prettier! After listening to the piano and strings parts I had recorded at home, I felt that it needed something heavy for the chorus to have impact. The obvious choice was a few layers of varied percussion, and also some ambient synths which are quite subtle in the final mix, but gave it a lot of depth.

First Post!

So today seems to be a good day to start blogging as I have actually done something productive this week! 

Yesterday I had my first recording session in a few months at Studio 91, based in Newbury (https://www.facebook.com/studio91uk). I wanted to create a demo of a song that I had written, 'Done With Love', to eventually send off to publishers.

As some people may know, I'm also a singer and pianist myself, which makes things a lot easier as I don't have to seek out and pay for a performer. For this particular track, I recorded vocals, keyboard and strings at home using my own equipment, but decided to then take these into the studio to work with Sam (studio engineer) as when it comes to producing and creating certain instrumental parts like the percussion, unfortunately I'm a bit clueless! It only took 4 hours of studio time to complete with Sam working his magic, so was a nice, easy session.

If anybody wants to hear, here's a link to the finished product: https://soundcloud.com/melaniereid/done-with-love

Studio 91, Newbury, Berkshire